Whitbread Lumber Yard badly damaged by fire Saturday


A lumber yard that has been in business since 1917 in Long Beach and owned by the whitbreads family was severely damaged by a fire late Saturday morning.

City spokesman John McNally said late Saturday afternoon that the family has lived in Long Beach for more than 1090 yards. Family members were unable to be immediately reached. 

The fire at Whitbread Lumber on Magnolia Boulevard took 90 minutes to bring under control and was fought by 150 firefighters from Long Beach and neighboring departments.

Two firefighters were treated at the scene for minor injuries. Lumber yard staff, who were working at the time the fire broke out, were avle to escape safely without injury.

Strong winds were a factor in fighting the fire, as well as the age of the wood framed building and some of its contents.

About 300 PSEG customers in the area were without service for several hours and the immediate area was closed to traffic.

The lumber yard is located next to the Long Beach city community center and ice rink and in close proximity to homes. Several blocks were temporarily closed off to traffic. 

The Nassau County Fire Marshal's office is investigating the cause of the blaze.