Ask The Veterinarian

Your Healthy Pet

Q: What can I do at home to help keep my pet healthy?


A: Believe it or not, there are lots of things that can be done from home to help keep your pet healthy.  Cleaning your pet’s ears will help prevent ear infections.  Brushing your pet’s teeth will help to prevent tartar and gingivitis.  Brushing your pet’s hair coat on a daily basis will help to prevent matts from forming which can become painful for your pet.  For some pet owners, clipping the toe nails is not feasible but filing the toe nails is.  By filing them, you don’t have to worry about making them too short and will help dull the tip of the nail.

Other things that can be done at home for your pet’s health can include making sure your pet gets enough exercise and the proper diet.  A lot of pets will become overweight because of lack of exercise and improper diet.  Obesity can lead to worsening of arthritis as well as increased risk of diabetes and other diseases as your pet ages.  On the other end of the spectrum, if you notice your pet is losing weight, that can be a sign of illness and a check up at your veterinarian is called for.

Lastly, remember to always pet proof your home.  Especially during the holiday season where chocolate, holiday plants, and toys can be found on table tops and on the floor,  you will want to be extra vigilant to make sure your pet can’t get to them as they can be toxic or lead to serious illness.

Please remember that if you feel your pet has an illness to call to schedule an appointment at Central Veterinary Associates.  Our Valley Stream location is open 24/7/365 even during Christmas and/or New Years.


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