Zoning move cuts Lighthouse in half

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In a joint statement, Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano and the Lighthouse Development Group said it appears that the town’s plan is not economically sound for the developer, New York Islanders owner Charles Wang, and the property owner, Nassau County. “While we have not yet had the time to review the ‘new vision’ just released by Supervisor Murray and the Town of Hempstead for the redevelopment of the Coliseum site, it does not appear to achieve the goals of the County and the developer,” the statement said. “Without this, the Town of Hempstead’s ‘new vision’ looks to be economically unviable for both the developer and owner of the site.”
According to the statement, the Lighthouse group’s original proposal incorporated additional development necessary to fund the construction of a new Coliseum. The proposed $3.8 billion project included a renovated Coliseum, a convention center, a sports complex, a hotel, a residential community, space for offices, retail businesses and restaurants, a movie theater, open space and a canal.
The county is continuing to hold discussions with the Shinnecock Nation about the possibility of building a resort casino on the property. The Shinnecocks recently attained long-awaited federal recognition, which permits them to explore sites for a casino.
The county also continues to face a growing deficit, and officials have pointed to the importance of developing the Coliseum property to generate jobs and revenue for the area.
According to Murray, an agreement on a casino between the Shinnecocks and the federal, state and county governments would supersede the town’s zoning authority over the property. “Then the zoning regulations mean nothing,” she said.

What’s next?
According to Murray, a Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement is expected to be completed within two months. Then public hearings must be conducted before a decision is made on the new zone.
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  • boodiec

    Supervisor Murray can't see the forest from the trees. The benefits from Mr. Wang's development will be a much needed financial shot in the arm for Nassau County and it's residents. Changing some of the roads to improve the traffic flow while he's building will relieve concerns about congestion.

    Monday, July 12, 2010 Report this

  • acetyp

    Thank you Supervisor Murray for helping to save trees and forests in Nassau County!! Sometimes building is not always the answer...Mr. Wang I'm sure does not live, work and drive in Nassau County, or he would know how bad the traffic is already. I do not see any reason why 1/2 the project is a problem, it will preserve the environment. People come to Long Island because its beautiful, and not a city environment, let's keep it that way.

    Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Report this

  • shotbox

    acetyp, Mr. Wang does live,work and drive in Nassau County. To Ms, Murray if your so concerned about preserving the surburban feel of Nassau county, why don't you start with the crackdown on illegal apartments in single family dwellings. I can;t park in front of my own home anymore, Seems like I pay Nassau county taxes and have the quality of life of the city's boro's

    Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Report this