Family sues Valley Stream Central High School District over daughter's alleged rape by bus driver

This Valley Stream Central High School District student was allegedly repeatedly raped by former Cheese Bus driver Giovanny Campos. Now, the girl's family is suing the school district for negligence.


Valley Stream South High School art talent on display at The Firefly Artists gallery

Paintings from dozens of art educators and students on Long Island were put on exhibit earlier this year at The Firefly Artists gallery, a beloved bastion of eclectic, local artistry, in Northport. …


This Valley Stream District 30 student wins state art contest

Forest Road Elementary sixth grader, Jacob Ramirez, has been named the first-place winner in the New York State Association for Bilingual Education Student Art Contest in the grades 6-8 category. …


Grace United Methodist Church donates to Valley Stream firefighters’ burn fund

In a warm display of community spirit, Valley Stream residents rallied together during the recent Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner, hosted by Grace United Methodist Church. After a brief hiatus, the …


Wheeler Avenue School kids work their social skills during lunchtime

Some kids, though not all, can suffer the lonely sting of sitting alone at the lunch table. Valley Stream District 13’s Wheeler Avenue Elementary School recently observed “No One Eats …


Howell hosts WizFit game with hoop pros

Howell Road Elementary School is excited to announce its collaboration with local legend, the Harlem Wizards to host the WizFit Challenge Fundraiser and Kids Experience. This two-week event aims to …


Don’t wait for Earth Day to care about Earth

Amidst the approaching Earth Day, we must remember the deteriorating state of our planet due to climate change, that calls for continuous action beyond the annual event.


In vitro fertilization is worth fighting for

IVF, a leading solution for infertility, faces challenges including high costs and legal threats. Legislative responses are needed to ensure accessibility and protect the hope it offers millions of prospective parents.


Netanyahu is a supporter of one party: himself

I have known Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer since 1972. I have watched him grow from being a state assemblyman to one of the most powerful political leaders in the United States. Schumer is a serious and smart lawmaker, and he measures his every word with the greatest of caution. When he speaks, it is well planned, because he is conscious of the fact that the press will hold him accountable for his actions.


Biological males and females should not compete

Someone can't blithely do what they want when it hurts someone else.