Valley Stream firefighters battle garage fire on Carstairs Road

The Valley Stream firefighters doused a detached garage caught aflame at a house on Carstairs Road on March 2 at 2:00 a.m. A fire hose was put into operation to quickly contain and extinguish the …


This Women's History Month: Honoring these remarkable hometown women from Valley Stream to Elmont

Just in time for Women’s History Month, the 10th annual Women of Distinction Ceremony made its triumphant return earlier this month after a Covid-19 hiatus. Started by Assemblywoman …


At Valley Stream District 30, Shaw Avenue students dance their little hearts out

Students from Shaw Avenue Elementary School in Valley Stream District 30 dressed their dancing best on March 9 to show off their moves on the dance floor through a series of intricate lessons. …


Annual Blue and Gold celebrates Valley Stream Scouts

Blue and Gold celebrates cub scouting and their achievements. Each year, a ceremony takes place to highlight all of the requirements the scouts had to complete throughout the year before the …


Village general election 2023: Arroyo wants to change the conversation

As a political firebrand and activist, Cristina Arroyo has been outspoken about the need to tackle the structural barriers that exclude under-represented groups in her hometown of Valley Stream. She …


Tell Albany it’s time to support local journalism

Every single week, you open your edition of the Herald, ready to catch up on everything you need to know in your community. Whether it’s some exciting new project taken on by your local lawmakers, to how our great schools are funded, even to some of the personal stories that touch your heart — you can’t imagine a world without your local newspaper. And you don’t want to imagine a world without your local newspaper.


Remembering Judy Heumann

My friend Judy Heumann died March 4 in Washington, D.C., where she lived. Her name might not mean too much to many of you. But to thousands, and I do mean thousands, of people who struggle every day with physical disabilities, her name is gold.

Randi Kreiss

Feeling lost? Books are our GPS in the world.

Do you think we haven’t seen the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene before? The story of shamelessly ambitious, undereducated bigots scrambling for traction in government is old. Read “All the King’s Men,” by Robert Penn Warren.


What the George Santos discourse is missing

Many of us in Nassau County, myself included, are disgusted by the lies that Republican congressman George Santos has been spewing on a near-daily basis. Like many others, I would like to see Santos resign. But . . .