Clear Stream breaks in a new playground


Clear Stream Avenue School has a renovated playground, an upgrade that district officials say “will further enhance the educational experience for students.” The opening of Clear Stream Avenue’s new and improved play space marks the final phase of a districtwide project, following the earlier completion and opening of playgrounds at Forest Road Elementary and Shaw Avenue Elementary earlier in the school year.

To commemorate this milestone, a spirited “ribbon-cutting” ceremony was held, attended by enthusiastic students, dedicated staff and administration. Amidst smiles and cheers, students joyfully broke through the ribbon, symbolizing the beginning of a new era of play.

Superintendent Roxanne Garcia-France emphasized the importance of play in the development of students. “The board of education, families, and I firmly believe in the value of play,” she said. “That’s why we have invested in upgrading playgrounds at all of our schools. Our curriculum incorporates play as an important component, promoting skills such as cooperation, sharing and taking turns.” The new playground school officials note not only provide students with a fun and engaging environment, but also serve as valuable spaces for learning and social development.