'Hell on Horton' killer to face parole board, again


On March 3, 1989, tragedy struck the Horton Road community as 13-year-old Kelly Tinyes, a Valley Stream resident and a Woodmere Middle School student, vanished while babysitting her younger brother, Richard. She left home after receiving a phone call from an individual named “John,” informing Richard that she would be briefly visiting a friend. She never returned.

Roughly 24 hours later, Kelly’s body was discovered mutilated and concealed in a sleeping bag in a neighbor’s basement. The subsequent investigation led to the arrest of Robert Golub, a 21-year-old bodybuilder, also from Valley Stream.

Following a rigorous yearlong trial, Golub was found guilty of second-degree murder and sentenced to 25 years to life imprisonment.

Now, only weeks away from the 35th anniversary of Tinyes’ murder, Golub, 56, is expected to stand before the parole board next week to make the case for his freedom.

While an initial parole hearing had been set for last November, Golub secured a three-month postponement. Tinyes’ family has zealously and tirelessly advocated for his continued incarceration since he was first eligible for parole in November 2013.

Before the last scheduled hearing, the family circulated a petition on, amassing over 4,000 signatures to date, urging the parole board to deny Golub’s release. The Tinyes first launched an online petition campaign in 2013, after learning that Golub had applied for parole. Robert Tinyes, Kelly’s father, called Golub “a very dangerous criminal” in an online statement that accompanied the petition.

The family remains stalwart that Golub continues to be incarcerated. The Tinyes family is expected to tune in to the hearing via video feed to testify against Golub receiving parole. Having reached the 25-year mark in 2013, Golub has been eligible for parole every two years. This will be Golub’s sixth attempt to date.

He admitted to killing Tinyes while in a “rage” due to his use of a “ridiculous” number of anabolic steroids. He claimed that he never intended to kill her, but prosecutors at his trial said that she was strangled and sexually mutilated.