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LEGO creations on display at the Waldinger Library


Children at the Henry Waldinger Memorial Library had the opportunity to flex their creative muscles, creating LEGO displays for its winter art exhibit, a tradition now in its 23rd year, according to Library Director Mamie Eng.

The children who took part, ranging in age from 4 to 11, came up with elaborate back-stories behind their creations.

Inspired by classes in school, 11-year-old Daniel imagined a battle over the planet’s remaining trees in his Save the Earth display. The various factions, with their vehicles, would later come to understand their common goal and stop fighting.

Adrian, 4, created a haunted house inspired by television he had watched, while his sister, Annabelle, built a Rainbow Bulldozer Truck, driven by a hyper-intelligent puppy who she said chose to remain nameless. She said she was inspired at first to create a rainbow out of LEGO, and the idea grew from there.

Ten-year-old Alicia built a boat, which she named the Totally Ready for Battleship, manned by a ragtag crew who mostly hate each other, and led by a robot, who according to her, is the only member with any common sense. Together they are seeking treasure for the ship’s owner, who she said might be having second thoughts about the whole endeavor.

Thomas, 9, showed off his spaceship, Stardust, built by the robotic creations of a mad scientist. Stardust was the second attempt by the mad scientist to build a space ship, with the first ending in failure.

And returning again this year were 11-year-old brothers Khristian and Sebastian, who made an elaborate battlescape called Mount Apocalypse in which various factions fight against a team of engineers to capture a satellite in a world starved of technology. 

Their creations and more will be on display at the library for the remainder of January.