Lynbrook school budget passes


Community members in both East Rockaway and Lynbrook voted on their school district’s proposed budget Tuesday evening.

With a total of 1,110 yes votes and 318 no votes, the Lynbrook Public School’s budget passed. Propositions number 2, technology replacement fund, and proposition 3, facilities and capital reserves fund, also passed. Lesli Deninno and Sean Murray were re-elected as trustees on the board of education. Shannon Kelly was also elected as a new board member.

The Lynbrook spending plan, which was adopted on April 16, is $4.5 million larger than the 2023 to 2024 budget, and would stay below the state’s tax cap. In the budget, $2.7 million of the reserves will be used, which is an increase of $1.25 million. Paul Lynch, superintendent of Lynbrook School District, said that the district is fortunate to not have to layoff staff or cut programs due to the use of the reserve funds.