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MTA needs to act (April 25 - May 2)


To the Editor:

This letter is to inform the residents of Valley Stream of our complete dissatisfaction with the Long Island Rail Road and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. For too long our residents have been forced to endure substandard conditions at our main LIRR station. The waiting room, stairwells and escalator are dirty, liquids and debris drop constantly, and commuters’ parked cars are subject to caustic, damaging drippings from overhead. In addition, the trestles that cross many of our primary and secondary roads — including Sunrise Highway, Merrick Road, Hicks Street, Franklin Avenue and Roosevelt Avenue — are deplorable. Peeling paint and rust are the order of the day. Conditions have been like this for as long as we can remember.

My office has regularly appealed to the LIRR to correct these conditions. Many complaints have gone unresolved, despite repeated promises to the contrary. The last straw occurred this past weekend, when falling concrete fell at the eastern stairwell from the overhead structure, miraculously avoiding injuring anyone. Meanwhile, commuters are forced to endure yet another fare hike. It is unacceptable.

The Village of Valley Stream will be pursuing every recourse available going forward, including the possibility of legal action, to force the LIRR and MTA to remedy this worsening situation. We hold our homeowners responsible for the maintenance of their own properties. The LIRR/MTA should be held to the same standard. This sorry situation reflects poorly on our residents, commuters and all who travel through our otherwise beautiful village.

Ed Fare

Valley Stream mayor