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The True Christmas Miracle


Vinny LiVecchi, is the Youth Director at Valley Stream’s Bethlehem Assembly of God Church 

Many of us are forced to bury our emotions, past hurts and present discomfort for the sake of preserving a perfect Christmas.  In many ways, 2020 will be the hardest Christmas that we have ever had to experience. For many, COVID-19  means doing it without someone special. Quarantine means doing it more alone than ever before.  

The Psalmist communicates what many of us have been feeling, ‘My tears have been my food day and night, while they say to me all day long, where is your God?’ The question rings from our ears to our souls: Where is God?


Fortunately, understanding why we celebrate Christmas gives us our answer.  The Christmas story tells the tale of God Himself coming to live among His creation.  He comes not as a king or all-powerful being, but as the child of a poor, teenage refugee and her soon to be husband.  He comes and truly fulfills every Christmas miracle we long for.


Jesus did not come to tell bad people how to be good. He didn’t come to live among people and leave them broken. Jesus didn’t come to teach people how to suppress their emotional shortcomings. Jesus came to live perfectly, sacrifice Himself, take our punishment, and give us His reward (Romans 3:21-24). Jesus came as the unlikely hero we all need, to give us strength in Him, to make whole what is broken, to make us live fully and to restore value to those who are deemed worthless.  


To those who believe, remember that He is Emmanuel- God with us. To those who do not believe, I encourage you to see the impact of a life lived among the broken and needy, offering love, care, dignity and value. To everyone, I remind you that Jesus offers much needed rest to anyone who puts their hope in Him; by all accounts: a Christmas miracle.