This Valley Stream native is a Goldwater Scholar


Antonio Collado, a biochemistry major at Hofstra University, has been honored as a Goldwater Scholar and recipient of the Chemers Neustein Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship from Rockefeller University. These highly selective awards recognize Collado’s academic achievements and the research he has conducted at Hofstra on the structure and function of enzymes that are targeted by antibiotics.

A resident of Valley Stream, Collado has been working under the guidance of Dr. Scott Lefurgy, associate professor of chemistry, to study the antibiotic resistance that results from the excessive use and misuse of antibiotics.

Considered the preeminent award for undergraduate students studying the natural sciences, engineering and mathematics, this year’s 413 Goldwater Scholars were selected from over 5,000 sophomores and juniors nominated nationwide. Collado is the second Goldwater Scholar in Hofstra’s history.

Collado said the opportunity to do research starting his first year was critical to the work that led to the Goldwater.

“I liked that opportunities for research would be possible early on in my time here,” he said. “I wouldn’t have to wait until I was a junior or senior to be able to use the advanced instruments.”Collado first became interested in learning about the link between human metabolism and disease while taking AP biology and chemistry in high school. He also has personal reasons driving his research.

“Many people in my family suffer from hypertension and diabetes,” he said “I’ve always wanted to better understand the reasons why certain diseases run in families and how people can stay healthy.”