Wheeler Avenue School kids work their social skills during lunchtime


Some kids, though not all, can suffer the lonely sting of sitting alone at the lunch table. Valley Stream District 13’s Wheeler Avenue Elementary School recently observed “No One Eats Alone Day,” a heartwarming display of inclusivity and camaraderie. During this special day, students ensured that every classmate felt in good company during their lunchtime in hopes of fostering a sense of belonging and unity within the school community.

Lunchtime was filled with fun icebreakers that allowed students to learn more about each other while enjoying their meals. Fifth- and sixth-grade students actively participated in the event by writing down ways they could make new connections with one another, further strengthening the bonds of friendship and understanding.

Beyond Differences, a leading organization dedicated to inspiring students nationwide and ending social isolation supported Wheeler Avenue Elementary School’s initiative. Beyond Differences’ mission to create cultures of belonging for everyone through their transformative social-emotional learning resonated with the school’s values of inclusivity and empathy.

In partnership with Beyond Differences, Wheeler Avenue Elementary School received stickers and bracelets as tokens of encouragement and unity. These small gestures served as a reminder of the power of kindness and compassion.