Barking Biscuit turns canine treats into a howling success

What began as a passion project by a Wantagh couple now has the potential to take the pet food industry by storm.

Harvesting local goodwill

The Wantagh Kiwanis Club and a local church are combining their efforts to help combat world hunger, and now they are urging members of the Wantagh, Seaford and surrounding communities to help tackle the problem.

A special visit from Israel’s chief rabbi

Members of the Jewish community in Merrick, Bellmore and Wantagh were invited to the Chabad Center for Jewish Life last weekend for a number of things.

A digital world opens at Forest Lake Elementary

The new Video Game Club at Forest Lake Elementary School in the Wantagh School District is the quintessential way for students to develop 21st century skills.

Winter trout season comes to Twin Lakes

The bass might have gone into early hibernation for the winter, but there’s still plenty to catch at our local lakes.


Russia’s space program fades as China’s rises

As a result of its unprovoked war against Ukraine, Russia is losing something that has always been precious to its national pride — its position as a leader in the world’s space programs.

Randi Kreiss

Thankful, mindful and watchful this holiday

The midterm elections proved that you can’t put lipstick on a pig. Well, maybe you can try, but eventually folks will see through the cover-up.


The power of concession

You’ve likely never heard the name William Jennings Bryan, as he’s not among those regularly talked about in history books. But his contribution to democracy . . .

Jerry Kremer

Time to throw out the political trash

Happily, the midterm elections are behind us. They were, at best, stressful, and overall they were ugly.