Bruce Blakeman claims a successful first year in office in his State of the County address

It’s been a little more than a year since Bruce Blakeman officially took office as Nassau County executive. Since then, how much has life improved for the nearly 1.4 million people living under his administration?

Wantagh High seniors Bendetti and Tobia earn highest honor in Girl Scouts

Wantagh High School students are setting a gold standard for helping others, and two seniors were recently rewarded with the Girl Scouts’ highest honor.

Michael Giangregorio wins open Nassau County seat

Michael Giangregorio has spent years working with local politicians on improving the lives of families affected by autism. Now he will get the chance to continue this work — and improve the lives of all of his constituents — as Nassau County’s newest legislator.

Mountain lions in upstate New York? Maybe eventually, but not yet, experts say

Those of us who enjoy getting off of Long Island and enjoying the beautiful nature upstate are going to have to wait a little bit longer before we can potentially see a wild cougar.

Jerry Kremer

A depressing tale of two fibbers

No one has given me a riddle to consider for a long time. But I can think of one. What’s the difference between U.S. Rep. George Santos and Fox News?

Randi Kreiss

The sun shivers and shudders northward

Don’t believe me. Don’t believe the National Weather Service. But come hell or high water (and both are coming!), you better believe the Farmers’ Almanac.

Peter King

My mixed memories of leading the parade

St. Patrick’s “Day” is actually several weeks of events commemorating Irish culture and traditions and Irish-America’s contributions to the American mosaic.

Long Island as the Sixth Borough

Governor Kathy Hochul has a vision for Long Island: high density high-rises, never-ending traffic and overcrowded schools. After all, why wouldn’t suburban homeowners want their neighborhoods …