Jones Beach to revamp historic East Bathhouse

Jones Beach’s historic East Bathhouse will have a second life, thanks to a $100 million investment by the state that will turn the almost century-old building into a state-of-the-art swimming facility.

Seaford's Emily Richardson receives renowned Rensselaer Medal

Emily Richardson, a junior at Seaford High School, has been awarded the prestigious Rensselaer Medal, which is presented to outstanding math and science students.

Wantagh's Memorial Day parade honors the nation’s heroes

Wantagh held its Memorial Day parade on May 27, drawing a large crowd along Wantagh Avenue.

Seaford Memorial ceremony honors fallen soldiers

Seaford hosted a Memorial Day ceremony at the American Legion Post 1132, which included members of the Seaford Fire Department, Boy Scout Troop 690, and Cub Scout Troop 690.

Bethpage Air Show draws thousands at Jones Beach

The skies above Wantagh came alive as the Bethpage Air Show celebrated its 20th anniversary at Jones Beach State Park on Saturday, May 25.


This is the best part: All of summer lies ahead

These are the best days of summer, when everything is possible. Here, pinned to this spot in time, there are no rampaging wildfires, no floods, no hurricanes, no Covid surge, no family feuds. Yup, the dangerous possibilities all lie ahead.


Teaching our students not to hate

Lately, though, it seems the fabric of our entire educational structure, from elementary school all they way up to our highest institutes of learning, is unraveling as a result of a dispiriting and dangerous rise in hate, bigotry and antisemitism, the likes of which we have never seen so widespread.


Hello, Harrison Butker? Women can be heroes, too

Countless trailblazers have incited change, but there is still an overarching prejudice against us. The struggle that we internalize may vary, but I think we can agree that some days, it’s just hard to be a woman.