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Brooks hosts bilingual town hall meeting


Through a translator, Senator John Brooks, a Democrat from Seaford, assured the Latino community in Freeport that their voices mattered during a Latino Town Hall meeting held at the Freeport Bible Center in Freeport on April 11.

Brooks as an effort to provide a “one-stop shop” forum of information and resources to the Latino community in his district hosted the meeting for the second year. The main focus of the meeting is to answer questions through a panel from a number of Nassau County Latino leaders, attorneys and nonprofit organizations. Also included in those conversations were representatives of the Department of Social Services.

Throughout the meeting attendees jotted their questions on an index card, which was then read in English and Spanish. DSS representatives also made a point to assure attendees of their willingness to help the Latino community regardless of current legal status.

“We’re not hear to be feared,” said Marjorie Krohn director of Medicaid at DSS regarding the services offered at DSS. “We don’t work or with for immigration nor do we report to them.”

Other panelist offered insight on how to access medical services, handle legal matters and ensure they are receiving fair housing options and resources. A bulk of the questions stemmed from immigration issues, employment but the biggest concern was of driver’s licenses for undocumented drivers.

Though Brooks shared he understood the need of driver’s licenses and ensured the attendees the issued needed more research and study, which he assured he was looking into himself.

The meeting closed with attendees and panelist later having one-on-one discussion on more personal or specific topics.