Lynbrook hosts a 'hamtastic' donation for residents in need


Becker Realty hosted its annual “Hamtastic” event in December along with Sister Barbara Faber of Our Lady of Peace Church, in Lynbrook.

During the event, volunteers delivered more than two-dozen hams to Faber and the OLP Parish Social Ministry office to help families in need.

“It’s a blessing to be able to help Sister Barbara during the holidays as she and the rest of the OLP Parish Social Ministry office do everything they can to bring a little happiness and cheer to those less fortunate,” Becker Realty owner Hilary Beker said. “The Parish Social Ministry offices at OLP and St. Raymond’s are truly the heart of the parish, and make the parish the heart of the community.”

Becker added that the ministries serve thousands of Lynbrook’s neighbors each year and that they don’t get enough attention for all that they do. He noted that the winter months also create an extra burden between the holidays and the cold weather, during which vulnerable members of the community need help.

Becker said he was grateful to Sister Barbara, OLP volunteers and his staff for their efforts.