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Parking time increased on Sunrise Highway in Baldwin


The New York State Department of Transportation has extended the street parking time limit to two hours on Sunrise Highway at the corner of Grand Avenue to better accommodate employees and patrons at the busy intersection, according to a news release.

State Sen. Todd Kaminsky, a democrat from Long Beach who represents parts of Baldwin, announced last week that at his urging, the DOT made the change.

The issue was raised to Kaminsky by Baldwin Realty owner Peter Sardoni, who was concerned that his employees were facing mounting parking tickets for leaving their cars on Sunrise Highway past the allotted one hour time.

Baldwin Realty is located off of the corner of Grand Avenue and agents cannot park there due to “no parking” signs and limited parking by the United States Postal Service, which leaves them with the only option of parking on Sunrise Highway. Often the employees are fined $130 for surpassing the time limit, according to the release.

After speaking with Sardoni, Kaminsky sent a letter to Joseph T. Brown, former regional director of NYSDOT, urging him to increase the parking time limit to hours to better accommodate the employees of Baldwin Realty.

“Parking on Long Island has never been easy but it shouldn’t be unfair and that’s what was happening to workers in the community,” Kaminsky said in a statement. “I am happy that the Department of Transportation agreed with my recommendation to extend the parking limit to two hours so people can do their jobs without worrying about getting ticketed.”