Seaford Manor fourth graders adore day four


There may have been much excitement for the first day of the school year, but fourth graders at Seaford Manor Elementary School were even more hyped for their fourth day of class on Sept. 8.

Teacher Sarah Gerweck said this is the first time the students have had a celebration for the day of school that matches their grade. Each fourth grade classroom was buzzing with energy and activities centered on the number 4, including a Connect Four tournament.

“It's an excuse to have fun, but more importantly, it’s a great way for students to get to know their classmates better,” Ms. Gerweck said, noting that the different stations fostered socialization and friendship-building.

Students partnered up and shared their answers for different task cards. They named four teachers they have had in the past, found words that rhyme with four, thought of four-syllable words and identified athletes that wear “4” on their jerseys. Students also drew shapes with four angles and solved math problems with 4, 44 and 444.

The fourth day of school was also about setting the tone for the year. Teacher Amy Hechler said the goal is to promote a positive classroom environment from the first to the fourth to the last day of school. Students made friendship bracelets with colorful beads and words that reflect their classroom culture, such as helpful, kindness, love and peace.