Valley Stream 24 student councils shape their district's future


Valley Stream District 24 Superintendent Unal Karakas recently met with the Student Councils of all three schools to engage them in discussions about the collective vision of the district’s future. 

Student Council members at William L. Buck School, Robert W. Carbonaro School and Brooklyn Avenue School each gave their input and feedback during the visits with Karakas. One idea shared by students was to introduce new furniture that allows for collaborative working spaces.

Karakas also invited Student Council members to join him in reviewing the school lunch menu to determine what meals students would enjoy the most for lunch. As a result of this collaboration, the district will begin offering vegetarian choices starting in March.

In addition to these efforts, the district is embarking on an initiative titled Vision 2030, aimed at adapting to future needs and cultivating a 21st-century learning environment for its students.

“At Valley Stream 24, we champion the importance of student voices in shaping our future, and we are committed to maintaining a forward-thinking approach as a district,” remarked Karakas. “I take immense pride in our student council members for their proactive engagement in their educational journey and for their willingness to share their visions and ideas for the future.”

He continues: “Additionally, I extend sincere appreciation to our devoted teachers and staff, whose unwavering dedication prepares our students to emerge as leaders. A special recognition is due to our Student Council teachers, Marissa Campo, Christine Iadevaio, Cathy Haufler, Pam Fowler, Linda Biley, and Denise Anderson, for their pivotal role in fostering student leadership within our schools.”