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Vehicle crashes into local beauty school


A vehicle crashed into the front of the Brittany Beauty Academy in Levittown on Friday afternoon at about 6:20 p.m. in a one-car accident that had bystanders scratching their heads.

The black late model Jeep Cherokee appeared to have jumped the curb in front of the school at 3274 Hempstead Turnpike and rammed the front of the building, shattering a plate glass window.

No one inside the school appeared to have been injured.

“I saw something fly by,” off-duty East Meadow Fire Medic Guram Abaishvili said of the accident, adding that he did not witness the impact, but said that the young male driver, who was immobile, appeared to be stunned.

Roughly a dozen Nassau County Police Department radio units, four local Levittown Volunteer Fire Department chiefs and five NCPD Emergency Services units responded to the call.

“You never know how serious it’s going to be,” Abaishvili said, “so you just go. He could’ve gone all the way in [to the school] and hurt a lot of people.”

The driver was glassy-eyed and listless, casually crossing his ankles as he was carried from the vehicle and placed on a stretcher, but whether from the impact of the crash or due to other causes was unknown. He was transported to a local area hospital.

Officers and fire officials at the scene refused to comment.