Migrants get more government support than veterans


Many corners of New York continue to deteriorate thanks to the left-wing policies instituted by radical ideologues in the White House, the governor’s mansion and City Hall — but prioritizing the financial well-being of migrants over American military veterans who served our nation should be a step too far, and a rallying cry for Empire State residents fed up with the status quo instituted by the Democratic “leaders” of New York.

Indeed, recent reporting has uncovered that in many cases, illegal migrants who have made their way to New York City are receiving more public assistance than disabled veterans. What’s even more jarring is that there seems to be no appetite for correcting this glaring misplacement of priorities among Democratic lawmakers.

Reporting by Newsweek revealed that “a family of four migrants in New York City receives more monthly funding than a family of four that includes a military veteran who receives disability compensation.” Many migrants who have arrived in New York City are receiving prepaid debit cards that can be used to cover a wide range of expenses. Indeed, many migrant families of four are receiving debit cards preloaded with $1,400 a month — courtesy of taxpayers. This dwarfs the amount received by a family of four utilizing the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, which averages $713 monthly.

The assistance for migrants is also higher than military veterans’ disability compensation in many cases: A veteran who has a 50 percent disability rating, a spouse and one child receives only $1,255 every four weeks, according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

These infuriating statistics are just the latest iteration of New York’s pro-illegal migrant record. In fiscal year 2023 alone, the Big Apple welcomed over 175,000 migrants and shelled out over $1.45 billion to shelter, feed and provide services to these lawbreakers. Thanks to New York City’s progressive “right to shelter” legislation, there is reportedly no end in sight to the droves of migrants consuming taxpayer resources at an unsustainable rate. Indeed, if the current rate of migration holds, the city alone could spend around $12 billion to support migrants by fiscal year 2025.

While President Biden, Gov. Kathy Hochul and New York City progressives continue to facilitate the migrant cost crisis with their open-border and pro-migrant policies, over 35,000 veterans had no permanent housing in the United States in 2023, and the number continues to rise. It’s time we place the priorities of veterans, and all Americans, ahead of migrants whose first action in this country was breaking our immigration laws.

Correcting Democrats’ horrific migrant policies in New York will require a multifaceted approach, starting at the municipal level and ending at the White House. New Yorkers and all Americans must elect leaders committed to ending the migrant crisis, and not merely “managing” it.

In Congress, I was proud to join my fellow House Republicans in passing a comprehensive border-security bill last year. This sweeping legislative package is the strongest bill in a generation, and would provide a large infusion of resources to support our Border Patrol agents and enhance security infrastructure along our southern border — tools that would end the migrant crisis. The Democratic majority in the Senate has refused to vote on the legislation, and instead attempted to sell the American people a bag of fake goods in the form of their “compromise” border security plan, which would have merely codified the current migrant crisis, not ended it.

We can stop the prioritization of migrants’ well-being over that of veterans and all Americans by rejecting the radical immigration policies of a Democratic Party that has been captured by its progressive base from the top down, and demanding that Democratic leaders join Republicans in placing the interests of Americans first once again.

Anthony D’Esposito represents the 4th Congressional District.