Waiter injured trying to stop diner who failed to pay bill


Queens resident Tyra Saltus, 25, was arrested this week after being identified after an incident that left a waiter from Ruth Chris Steakhouse at Roosevelt Field mall with an injured foot — and no tip — after being run over.

According to police, Saltus and an unnamed friend enjoyed drinks at the bar and ordered a lavish spread, including a Porterhouse steak for two, lobster macaroni and cheese, and creamed spinach.

But after receiving a bill of $190, Saltus and her friend tried to sneakily make their way out of the restaurant without paying the tab, according to the report. Their waiter allegedly pursued them as they tried to leave the restaurant.

Police say security cameras captured the pair leaving the restaurant a few minutes before 10 p.m., rushing out and entering a Volkswagen Jetta in the parking lot with the waiter, tailing them. Police also reported the waiter called out to Saltus, but she ignored him, started the car, and backing over the waiter’s foot.

The waiter than stood in front of the car, according to reports, creating a standoff with the vehicle. A standoff ensued, but escalated when Saltus allegedly drove forward, forcing Michael onto the hood of her car, speeding against oncoming traffic around Roosevelt Field on Ring Road, according to the police report.

Saltus, with the waiter clinging to the hood of her car, traveled at high speeds traveling north in the southbound lane. Michael eventually lost control and was thrown off the hood before Saltus sped away, running over his left foot once more.

Now, nearly three weeks after the incident, which took place on Sunday. Jan. 4. Saltus faced charges of robbery, assault, and endangerment — which are all felonies.

In addition, she faces a misdemeanor theft of services charge for allegedly skipping out on the restaurant tab. Saltus entered a plea of not guilty during her court appearance this week. The judge released her to the pretrial services department, and her next court appearance is scheduled for this Friday in Mineola.