Wantagh ceremony honors veterans


In a heartfelt tribute to the men and women who have selflessly served in the United States armed forces, the Wantagh American Legion Post 1273 recently played host to a Veterans Day ceremony. The event, held with great reverence and gratitude, aimed to express thanks and honor to the unwavering commitment of American veterans.

Attendees, including veterans, their families, and community members, gathered to pay respects and acknowledge the profound impact of military service. The solemn occasion featured a series of heartfelt speeches, delivered by local politicians and veterans alike, recounting the valor and dedication displayed by those who have donned the uniform.

The Wantagh American Legion Post 1273's Veterans Day ceremony not only served as a fitting tribute but also strengthened the community's bond in recognizing and honoring those who have safeguarded the nation's liberties.

— Charles Shaw