Wisdom Lane goes to Harvard in ‘Legally Blonde Jr.’


Talented performers from Wisdom Lane Middle School in the Levittown School District brought the story of an unexpected lawyer to life on the stage in their rendition of “Legally Blonde Jr.”

Through song and bouts of humor, the story of Elle Woods’ rise from an aloof sorority girl to a top-performing student at Harvard University was reenacted by a passionate cast and crew. The engaging tale allowed for stars to shine, including Charlie Calderon as Elle, Jack Cipriano as Emmett and Benjamin Nelson as Warner.

The musical also encapsulated an important lesson for students that everyone has the potential to better themselves and pursue any goal. On Jan. 11, students in the ABA program joined a special showing of “Legally Blonde Jr.” before it was enjoyed by other students and family members on Jan. 12 and 13.