Bystanders injured during Hempstead police chase


Two women were rushed to the hospital after their car was hit by a police cruiser pursuing another vehicle.

It all happened just after 2 p.m., on Saturday, when the marked Hempstead Police Department vehicle — with its lights flashing and sirens blaring — was chasing another vehicle westbound on Wellesley Street past Bennett Avenue. 

When the chase reached Wellesley's intersection with James L.L. Burrell Avenue, the suspect vehicle made it through, but the police cruiser didn't. Instead, the two women — not identified by police, but said to be 56 and 54 years old — were in a Honda Pilot heading up Burrell toward Dartmouth Street.

The collision overturned the police vehicle, and ejected both women from their Honda. 

Police did not release a condition report on the women, but said they were taken to an area hospital for "further treatment and evaluation." The officer was taken to a local hospital, but was released with minor injuries.

The Nassau County Police Department did not release any further details on who was being chased, and if those suspects were captured.