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Freeport High School holds intimate ceremonies for Class of 2020


Freeport High School students took turns throughout the week gathering at the high school auditorium to take part in a special senior-video project put together by the school district. 

"The virtual graduation simulation video allows our students to have the experience of walking across the stage when their name is called to receive their diploma," Superintendent Kishore Kuncham. "In addition to a virtual graduation simulation video, we are holding a graduation ceremony on June 20 in the parking lot of the Nassau Coliseum. It will be a drive-in event following New York State and DOH guidelines." 

In groups of less than a dozen-at-a-time, students put on their cap and gowns to receive their diploma and take pictures with their families at the school. High school teachers and staff helped film and organize the event, which will be compiled together into one big video for the students and their families. 

“The Class of 2020 has gone through so much this year, and with the state of things in our nation, we wanted to do this event as a way to bring everyone together and recognize our seniors and their accomplishments,” said Giselle Campbell-Ham, one of the assistant principals at the high school. 

District officials said the ceremonies should not be mistaken for the official graduation ceremony, which is still being worked on. 

These mini-ceremonies began on June 1 as small groups of parents and students arrived at the high school between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Both parents and students were seated at a distance from each other as they waited for the students’ name to be called up to receive their diploma.  

“I’m really happy that we could have a ceremony for my daughter,” said Mercedes Lazo as her daughter, Litzy, got on stage to receive her diploma. 

“I’m glad we go to do this,” said Melody Brendel, a senior. “It means a lot.”

“She’s worked hard and deserves something like this,” added Phil Brendel, Melody’s father. 

“The fact that we can have something like this is a testament to the Freeport School district.”

The final film day for the ceremonies will be held on June 8. 

The district will share the completed video in the coming weeks.