Peer-to-Peer conflict resolution in Freeport school


The J.W. Dodd Middle School peer mediation team, composed of 34 students, finished 16 hours of professional training with Gregg Scheiner of EAC Network and took an oath on Nov. 3 in the Dodd library. The Honorable Anthony W. Paradiso presided over the ceremony, while Assistant Principal Earl Mitchell commended the children for their leadership abilities. 

The purpose of the Peer Mediation Program is to assist student volunteers in developing connections and communication skills that will carry over into other aspects of their lives. This team has learned to listen without taking sides and to assist their peers in finding a solution and reaching an agreement as peer mediators.

Peer mediation is a type of conflict resolution in which trained students assist their classmates in talking out and resolving interpersonal issues under adult supervision. Student mediators do not take sides or make choices for their classmates; instead, they assist them in developing their own conflict resolution strategies. Dodd students are on call to mediate student problems in groups, and they are looking forward to working together to settle everyday disagreements.