Honoring Jewish stories on Yom HaShoah

Shirley Gottesman, 16, was forced to collect the shoes scattered across the crematorium floor in the Auschwitz concentration camp. She was alone — she didn’t know where her mother was. …

Regina Agrusa appointed next Sewanhaka superintendent

The Sewanhaka Central High School District recently promoted Deputy Superintendent Regina Agrusa to superintendent of schools, effective July 1.

Gold Star mom Marianna Winchester to lead the Rockville Centre Memorial Day Parade

Marianna Winchester has been named grand marshal of the Rockville Centre Memorial Day parade.

In East Meadow, ‘replacement’ trees planted on Merrick Avenue

41 trees were planted in East Meadow on Merrick Avenue.

Inside Freeport Public Schools’ new 2024-25 budget proposal

Freeport school district proposes $244.2M budget for 2024-25, with tax levy reduction and new programs enhancing student experience.

Holocaust survivor Hedy Page visits Oceanside High School

Hedy Page, a Holocaust survivor, visited Oceanside High School on May 1, providing students with a rare opportunity to come face-to-face with living history. Page, 94, of Long Beach, shared her …

Yom HaShoah held amid rising antisemitism

Yom HaShoah held at Holocaust Tolerance and Memorial Center

Dozens of people gathered at the Holocaust Tolerance and Memorial Center in Glen Cove last Sunday to commemorate Yom HaShoah — Holocaust Remembrance Day, which pays tribute to the 6 million …

Lisa Colacioppo wants to keep North Shore special

Lisa Colacioppo, the current vice president of the North Shore School District Board of Education, is running for reelection for a second term on the board. Colacioppo, 48, of Sea Cliff, is a retired …


Meet the Valley Stream boy who became first in state to undergo groundbreaking gene therapy

Behind a Mickey Mouse mask, 8-year-old Yusuf Saeed with a bald scalp, a likely result of his intensive chemotherapy, sat in the glare of cameras on April 18. With elation in his eyes, he played with …

Students won first, second place in divisions

North Shore students shine in history competition

Two students from the North Shore School District were selected as finalists for the prestigious National History Day Program advancing to the national competition held in College Park, Maryland, …

From pupil to mentor, Joan Lazarus mastered the palette

Joan Lazarus, 77, Lynbrook resident, teaches art in the Town of Hempstead after learning various mediums of art since she was 20.


Cherishing moms who embody love, strength

The remarkable resilience and sacrifice of mother is shown through the extraordinary life of Elinor Sullivan, whose daring feats in aviation were matched only by her dedication to motherhood.

The blemish of college demonstrations

The numerous college demonstrations lately have given me a lot of mixed feelings. Having lived through the years when there were other demonstrations, I contrast how those incidents were handled with the present ones. In addition, I can’t help but feel some sadness about how our elected officials are reacting to these events.


Protecting our kids online

The data is clear: Kids spending more time online and on social media is detrimental to their mental health.


We should have learned more than we have from history

My reading of history, however, is that for the most part — whether it be everyday people, intellectuals or world leaders — there was little realization during those years that the world as they knew it was that much different from what had come before. Until it was. Or that tragedy lay ahead. Until it was too late.


The humble pen takes on the might sword

Here’s an anniversary no one wants to celebrate: The Columbine school shooting — April 20, 1999 — just passed its 25th anniversary. Why, why, why bring up such a horrific event? Perhaps because it hasn’t stopped.


Grumman, Navy must finish the underground cleanup

Over the past few weeks, the dangerous environmental legacy of Grumman and the Navy has earned a top spot in local newspaper headlines and on the nightly news throughout the tristate area, and even overseas.


Finding our side of paradise

As a member of Gen Z, I know as well as anyone how the world views people my age.


Hempstead Harbor, a future energy hub

Hempstead Harbor is on the verge of becoming a major energy hub, not only for Long Island, but also for the state. What’s missing is an information center that will filter through all the energy plans and proposals that will intersect in one small community, and communicate the potential impact of these projects so that local residents aren’t left in the dark.