An interim superintendent for Sewanhaka Central High School District

After 40 years of public school service on Long Island, Sewanhaka Central High School Superintendent James Grossane announced his plans to retire on June 30. As a result, the Sewanhaka school …

Overhaul of affordable Dogwood Terrace senior apartments given go-ahead

The Dogwood Terrace modernization project has received a green light from the Town of Hempstead. Earlier this month, town officials decided that the 104-unit Dogwood Terrace senior housing …

A century since the historic Kalb’s Hotel fire

One hundred years ago, one of the most important events in the history of Franklin Square took place — Kalb’s Hotel was destroyed in a devastating fire on Jan. 30, 1923. Kalb’s Hotel, which …

Tax exemption threshold lowered for Nassau County volunteer firefighters and EMTs

Volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers in Nassau County will be able to qualify for a tax break a bit sooner than before. The Nassau County Legislature unanimously passed a local law to …

Elmont high school grad stars in ‘Ragtime’ the musical

Jermaine Carroll considers himself to be a more introverted and reserved person — that is until he hits the theater stage. The Elmont Memorial High School graduate said he normally doesn’t …


Tell Albany it’s time to support local journalism

Every single week, you open your edition of the Herald, ready to catch up on everything you need to know in your community. Whether it’s some exciting new project taken on by your local lawmakers, to how our great schools are funded, even to some of the personal stories that touch your heart — you can’t imagine a world without your local newspaper. And you don’t want to imagine a world without your local newspaper.


Remembering Judy Heumann

My friend Judy Heumann died March 4 in Washington, D.C., where she lived. Her name might not mean too much to many of you. But to thousands, and I do mean thousands, of people who struggle every day with physical disabilities, her name is gold.

Randi Kreiss

Feeling lost? Books are our GPS in the world.

Do you think we haven’t seen the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene before? The story of shamelessly ambitious, undereducated bigots scrambling for traction in government is old. Read “All the King’s Men,” by Robert Penn Warren.


What the George Santos discourse is missing

Many of us in Nassau County, myself included, are disgusted by the lies that Republican congressman George Santos has been spewing on a near-daily basis. Like many others, I would like to see Santos resign. But . . .