Franklin Square Munson Fire Department seeks junior firefighters


The Franklin Square and Munson Fire Department is looking for teens ages 14-17 in the community to join its junior firefighter program.

The program teaches junior firefighters how to: do hand lines, use the Scott Air-Pak Breathing Apparatus, also known as SCBA, use ladders, and search buildings and recover victims. Once they are certified on the SCBA, they are taught how to put a live fire out in a controlled environment. They are also taught how to do CPR and how to use Narcan.

The program serves as a streamline process for kids to get involved with the department. After they graduate from the program, they have the opportunity to join the department as a probationary firefighter.

“We’re in desperate need of firefighters too of course, but as of October, four of my juniors who are going to be seniors are going to be joining the department as probationary firefighters,” Joseph Pallisco, head advisor for the program, said. “So it really works out well.”

Sebastian Parris joined the program when he was 14 years old. He is now 16 years old and plans to join the department as a probationary firefighter in October.

“I’ve had an overall really good experience with everyone there,” Parris said. “All the guys down there help us with training — whether it be personally, mentally, they take care of us and try to make sure we’re safe during training.”

Parris believes the program is a great way to start out for students who are interested in becoming firefighters.

Max Brunhuber also joined the program when he was 14 years old. He is also now 16 years old and plans to join the department as a probationary firefighter in the fall.

He’s been interested in fire trucks and firefighters since he was a young boy and has made many friends through the experience.

“I think everyone should just do it,” he said. “It’s a very good decision to just do it. You’ll meet a lot of people and it helps you with a lot of different things.”

Right now, the program only has seven junior firefighters. Pallisco would like to see more teenagers sign up.

Pallisco believes it is important to get kids involved with the department at this age to show them the importance of volunteer firefighters.

Throughout the program, juniors train about once a week and assist with department fundraisers throughout the year.

Getting teenagers involved in the community and teaching discipline through the program is something Pallisco believes is important.

For students who stay home from college who join the department, Pallisco said college tuition can be covered by the state for two years if they stay active in the department.