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Give what you can in these challenging days


At the Herald, we want to add our voices to the growing chorus of supporters thanking our front-line medical workers and first responders who are, as they say, doing God’s work. Each day, they put their lives on the line to save others. We can only admire their bravery, tenacity and sense of humanity.

That being said, these good men and women could use more than our thanks. They could use our financial support.

We don’t presume to speak for them, but they no doubt appreciate the cards, cheers and pizzas — keep ’em coming. Hospitals, however, have been stretched to their limits, not only in people power, but also in their finances.

These are tough times financially. So many have lost their jobs or had their hours reduced. Many people are suddenly scraping by after having been solidly in the black only a matter of weeks ago.

For those who can, however, please consider giving to our hospitals, which are nonprofits. We need them, and they need us.

• To give to Mount Sinai South Nassau, go to https://www.southnassau.org/sn/give.

• To give to the Northwell Health Foundation, go to https://give.northwell.edu.

• To give to Mercy Medical Center, go to https://mercymedicalcenter.chsli.org/ways-give.

• To give to NYU Winthrop, go to https://nyuwinthrop.org/giving/.

• To give to St. John’s Episcopal Hospital, go to https://ehs.org.

You also might donate to your local volunteer fire department. Firefighters and emergency medical technicians are putting themselves in harm’s way like never before. Covid-19 is a respiratory disease. Many firefighters’ lungs are damaged because of the smoke they have breathed in while responding to calls over the years, potentially making them more susceptible to this virus.

You might also give to your local food pantries, which are running low.

Finally, the Herald is coordinating the purchase of large orders of food and  goodies for our healthcare workers and first responders, as well as patients in hospitals and other care facilities. Go to www.liherald.com/heroes to donate.  We will use all donations, along with donations from our parent company Richner Communications to purchase food and other goods from our local restaurants and businesses.