Glen Cove woman arrested for animal cruelty


Glen Cove Police arrested Delia Banos, 60, of Glen Cove, on Nov. 13, charging her with animal cruelty. She was then released on an appearance ticket.

The day prior, police had responded to a residence on Glen Cove Avenue in Glen Cove for a barking dog call. Upon police arrival, a dog could be heard barking and crying sounding like it was in distress. After approximately 40 minutes the officers were finally able to make contact with the dog’s owner.

Officers discovered the dog in the resident’s backyard, inside a doghouse. The doghouse front door was blocked with plywood, there was no light, food, or water inside and the floor was littered with old feces. Upon inspection, the dog appeared dirty, disorientated and one of it’s eyes was swollen and shut. The dog was removed by the police and brought to the Glen Cove Animal shelter for an evaluation by a veterinarian.  

The veterinarian found that the dog named Lassie was suffering from overgrown hair and nails, severe dental disease, four mammary tumors and a corneal eye ulcer. The dog is currently under the care of the Glen Cove Animal Shelter.