A sailing club for all the seasons


Quietly nestled away behind Peter’s Clam Bar on Empire Blvd. in Island Park is the Hempstead Bay Sailing Club. Sixty years old but with a crew of new and old blood, the sailing club is a tight-knit group of approximately 55 like-minded sailors and families that enjoy racing or relaxing on pristine South Shore waters.

The club, for veterans of the water or newbies looking to get their feet wet and learn a new skill of sailing are encouraged to reach out and join. Joining the fleet will allow access to a summer and fall filled with a full schedule of races and celebrations, especially the biggest annual Commissioning party held on the Memorial Day weekend.

The momentum continues through the winter doldrums with gatherings resembling family get together.

In addition, the two-story club house on the marina property features a bar, billiards table, table-top games, instructional materials and good old-fashioned camaraderie.

The planning board and members hail from Seaford to the Five Towns and down to Long Beach, but also as far away as New Hyde Park and Queens.

Look up Hempstead Bay Sailing Club to find their website or direct questions for membership to (516) 432-9212.