Barnum Island Fire District provides ‘Lifeline’ equipment for Island Park Fire Department


The Island Park Fire Department received advanced training on the “Lifeline Arm”, a defibrillator and CPR machine made by Defibtech and purchased by the Barnum Island Fire District. The district purchased two of the machines to put in service in Island Park Department ambulances and 40 machines are in operation across Nassau County. Barnum Island fire commissioner Frank Bettineschi said the acquisition of the equipment across the County has done a great job of decreasing mortality rates.

Defibtech sales manager Debbie Vitelli and County police medic supervisor William Rudnick led an informative session, ensuring the department is well-equipped to handle emergencies with the equipment. Island Park Mayor Mike McGinty Deputy Mayor Matthew Graci and County Legislator Patrick Mullaney also stopped by for the presentation.

Vitelli demonstrated the proper use of the Lifeline Arm, emphasizing steps such as disassembly, power button operation, and the importance of stabilization and wrist straps. Rudnick provided insights into CPR machine usage, stressing the significance of normal placement and sharing success stories from his experience with the Lifeline Arm.

Department members and EMTs were cautioned about potential issues during patient transport if straps are not secured properly.

Rudnick and Vitelli encouraged ongoing training and certification for all users, emphasizing the importance of staying updated on best practices with the Lifeline Arm. The Island Park Fire Department thanked the Barnum Island Fire District for the addition to their resources.