Celebrating Spring: New growth and inner renewal


Hello Spring! Yes, it’s that time of year when Mother Nature springs into action. A season I now find myself quietly reflecting within, pondering my own inner renewal – and the importance of planting new inner seeds for continued growth and opportunity. So how do I begin this process of inner renewal? I look to Mother Nature for guidance for as we know, mother nature and human nature are deeply rooted and connected, and why it is time to follow her example and “spring forward” into a new season of life!

”The Season of Renewal: To make or become new, fresh or strong again.”

Spring symbolizes a season of renewal and new beginnings for both nature and our inner beings. A time to allow the inspirational beauty of spring, stir a revival within our body, mind and soul. As studies have shown, exposure to nature and increased sunlight can help lift our spirits, clear our minds, reduce stress levels, and increase motivation, all of which impact our overall emotional health.

“Self-renewal involves nurturing and enhancing various aspects of our lives”:

1. Physical Renewal: Taking care of our physical health is essential. This includes regular exercise, proper nutrition, adequate rest, and maintaining overall well-being.

2. Emotional Renewal is a process of personal transformation that enables individuals to reconnect with their inner selves and find a deeper meaning in life. It involves a psychological, emotional, and even physical shift that brings about a renewed sense of purpose, direction, and contentment.

3. Mental Renewal: Keeping our minds sharp and engaged is vital. Continuous learning, reading, problem-solving, and creative pursuits contribute to mental renewal. When we challenge ourselves intellectually, we grow and adapt.

4. Spiritual Renewal: This process of transformation is about connecting with our inner self, values, and purpose. Spiritual practices, such as mindfulness, meditation, and reflection can help us find meaning and improve emotional well-being, increase resilience, as well as reduce stress.

5. Celebrate your successes. Maybe you booked a counseling session, made it back to the gym recently, or re-connected with friends. Make sure you “celebrate” those wins!

On a personal note: As I have learned throughout the decades of life, personal growth will always bring challenges. It requires a strong inner desire to tackle all that growth requires relating to our daily mindset and the willingness to move out of our comfort zone. To be patient with ourselves, to focus on each step we take forward, one step at a time. To plant our own emotional seeds with the readiness to dig deep within our hearts the same way we dig into nature’s soil.

To nurture our seeds of personal growth with self-love. To celebrate and honor each ground breaking process of renewal that brings us closer to nourishing our entire being - closer to bringing us home to the heart and soul of who we are yet to be!

Yes, renewal is a continuous journey of growth, transformation, and healing be it relating to life, love, and our overall health! Renewal is a gift and spring is a lovely reminder of how beautiful “change” can truly be!

Donna Pisacano-Brown is a Point Lookout resident who has been a columnist featured in local newspapers since 1996. She is a passionate advocate for drunken driving awareness, and shining a light on mental health topics.