Children barely keep their eyes off writer Brian Heinz


Students at Francis X. Hegarty school in Island Park started the New Year off celebrating Parents as Reading Partners, known as PARP, with a visit from Long Island author Brian Heinz.

Heinz, a former classroom teacher of Science and Language Arts turned children’s author, gave an overview to students through the process of a rough draft to the finished book.

During his visit he covered the collection and application of sensory detail in writing so the reader is virtually and actively involved in the story, its characters, and dilemmas.

He said that his lively visit where he donned bear-hands had, “even primary students (sitting) a full 50 minutes” and that they, “never took their eyes off me during an animated, energetic, and dynamic program.”

Heinz, who visits over 70 local schools per year, as a result of word-of-mouth through the community, said his new role as a children’s author and speaker is to “inspire, educate and entertain in one fell swoop.”

Using fun and concrete visuals coupled with vivid oral storytelling about true encounters he’s had with animals in the wild has made Heinz’s books “The Great North Woods” and “Adirondack Lullaby” award-winning children’s novels.

Heinz told the Herald that after the event he received a letter from the school’s librarian that read, “Everyone loved you. Of all the authors we’ve hosted over the years, you are the best.”

— Karina Kovac