Supporting the Long Beach Soup Kitchen's mission

The Long Beach Soup Kitchen has been serving the community for the past 40 years. The work they do cannot be accomplished without the support of the surrounding community and their hard-working …

Long Beach scouts help clean up the local waters

The Scouts of Long Beach’s Troop 215, along with Scouts from Troop 20 in Five Towns, spent the morning of May 11 cleaning up the nearby waters, pulling 270 pounds of trash out of the …


This is the best part: All of summer lies ahead

These are the best days of summer, when everything is possible. Here, pinned to this spot in time, there are no rampaging wildfires, no floods, no hurricanes, no Covid surge, no family feuds. Yup, the dangerous possibilities all lie ahead.


Congestion pricing punishes commuters

In 2019, the Democratic majorities in the State Senate and Assembly passed the well-known Congestion Pricing Plan. At the time, every Long Island Senate Democrat voted in support of the proposal. The …

Herald Editorial

We are all champions

Nassau County, renowned for its championship teams and historic sporting events, truly shines through its young school athletes who exemplify teamwork and unite communities.


Hello, Harrison Butker? Women can be heroes, too

Countless trailblazers have incited change, but there is still an overarching prejudice against us. The struggle that we internalize may vary, but I think we can agree that some days, it’s just hard to be a woman.