AIP elects this new member to Executive Board


Sammi Metzger has been elected to the Executive Board of Artists in Partnership, bringing her decade-long commitment to a new level.

“It is an honor and a privilege to be elected to the Executive Board,” she said. “I am zealous in my support of the arts, and I enthusiastically welcome this new avenue to cultivate opportunities for growth and happiness through music and the arts.”

AIP has stood as a non-profit cultural arts organization in Long Beach for 23 years. It is dedicated to creating connections between literary, visual, and performing artists and the local community.

In July 2000, the beginning of the organization emerged as Long Beach residents gathered at the Public Library to envision the future of the local arts scene. Over 65 participants shared project ideas, igniting the formation of a grassroots organization dedicated to bringing these creative endeavors to life. AIP was officially incorporated in Oct. 2000 and achieved 501c3 status by the summer of 2003.

Its mission is to enrich the cultural landscape by encouraging, endorsing, and nurturing creative initiatives. The organization goes beyond mere support, it offers artists opportunities to present and showcase their work. This collaborative effort extends to a diverse group of participants, including merchants, schools, libraries, organizations, city government, and those who harbor a deep appreciation for the arts.

As the director of Arts in The Plaza, a weekly art market that takes place every Saturday from Memorial Day weekend through Halloween, Metzger has played a pivotal role in the organization of events alongside AIP. As a passionate local, she not only finds joy in attending the organization’s numerous events but also in volunteering for them.

“Our newly elected Board member is Long Beach’s own, Ms. Sammi Metzger who you will recognize as the Manager of Arts in The Plaza, Long Beach’s weekly arts festival where art and live music and the spirit of Long Beach is celebrated every Saturday from May through October,” Johanna Mathieson, Executive Director of AIP said. “Sammi also proudly serves as a seventh-grade Math Teacher at the Long Beach Middle School Teacher and is the proud mom of daughter Luna Bessa.”

Metzger emphasizes the inevitability of encountering AIP for anyone involved in the Long Beach arts community.

“Artists in Partnership creates opportunities for artists and the community to unite in the celebration of the arts,” she said.

As we look ahead to the organization’s plans for the upcoming year, Metzger hinted at an exciting mix of both well-loved and new events, urging supporters to anticipate a blend of the familiar and some fresh experiences.

“2024 is going to be amazing,” she said. “Stay tuned for AIP favorites plus some newly inspired events.”

With Metzger now part of the Executive Board, the Long Beach community can anticipate a wave of fresh initiatives and continued dedication to celebrating the arts.