Denise Ford honored for decades of service


Former Legislator and Long Beach resident Denise Ford was honored in celebration of Women’s History Month, acknowledging her decades of service and commitment to her community at a legislative meeting on March 25.

Throughout the event, speakers, including colleagues and successors, shared anecdotes and praises, highlighting Ford’s dedication to her constituents and her impactful career.

“She’s just interested in just being a good representative and doing what the people want to do with the people,” Howard Koepel said. “And making sure that everyone is taken care of in the right way.”

Ford, who held her position and served Long Beach for 20 years, was commended for her strength and perseverance as well as her ability to remain connected and attentive to community needs, even when faced with personal challenges. Her tenure was characterized by a close relationship with her community, where she was known to be always there to listen and support.

The recognition ceremony provided a platform for colleagues to reflect on Ford’s substantial contributions, not just within her district but also across Nassau County.

Ford expressed her gratitude and humility upon receiving the honor, sharing reflections on her career and the relationships she’s built along the way.

“To everybody here, and especially when I look at these young women behind me, never be afraid to try to achieve what you want to,” Ford said. “You never know where your life is going to bring you. And I’m going to take something from what Patrick has said; sometimes, you may be dealt with moments where you have to find within yourself that you can make lemonade. And even though life may throw lemons at you before you know it, you’ll still be able to squeeze something out of it.”

“You certainly will always have something inside there that will keep you moving forward,” she continued. “And remember, always remember, that no matter what happens, you can achieve. You can really excel in some way. So, thank you all. This is indeed an honor.”

Her speech also highlighted the collaborative nature of her work and the collective accomplishments achieved during her time in office.

Ford encouraged current and future legislators to cherish their roles and the opportunity to make a difference, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and optimism in public service.

As the ceremony concluded, Ford’s legacy as a dedicated public servant was firmly celebrated, leaving a lasting impression on all those in attendance.

Her story and achievements during Women’s History Month serve as an inspiration, not only to women in politics but to all those committed to serving their communities with passion.

“Legislator Ford has been a tireless fighter for her constituents and was never afraid to speak her mind or make her voice heard,” Legislator Patrick Mullaney said. “I learned everything about being a Legislator from her, and I could only hope I will be half the person she is.”