Joyce Coletti is the Long Beach real estate


Joyce Coletti has been a real estate staple since 1999. Since then, her name has been at the forefront of not only houses, apartments and condos, but Long Beach as well.

Coletti grew up in the Bronx with her parents and six sisters. She attended St. Raymond’s Academy for Girls and St. Helena Business School. As a kid, she still had big dreams and promised her father that her sisters would always be cared for and supported, no matter what.

“I’d say, ‘daddy, you could count on me,’” she remembered. “I gave him my word. I told him I’ll work to the bone so his girls would never want for anything. And you know what? They don’t. I take very good care of my sisters.”

Sales comes naturally to Coletti. By the time she was 12, she was selling encyclopedias door to door. Professionally, she started out working at the Elizabeth Arden salon on Fifth Avenue, selling beauty products. Pretty soon, when she was 28, Bloomingdales came to her, acknowledging her sales prowess, and offered her a job. She couldn’t refuse.

She stayed at the Bloomingdales on 59th street for 20 years. But then, after two decades, she decided she was done, she’s “had it.”

“I had a summer house in Long Beach, just a little cottage,” she said, although she was still living in the Bronx at the time. “I decided I am going to pack up and going to semi-retire and I’m going to move to my little bungalow in Long Beach, New York. Oh my, that was a dream come true.”

After being semi-retired for just a short time, Dan Ryan, owner of Ryan and Wallace Real Estate began “running after” Coletti to try and get her to join his team. Initially, she kept saying she didn’t want to sell real estate. And then one day, she said “you know what? I think I’ll sell real estate.”

Coletti was 48 and was bored at home. She didn’t want to stay home and with Ryan frequently offering her a job, she decided to give it a shot. She went to real estate school and got her license in September 1999. She had a goal: to be the top agent in Long Beach by the end of the year, which was just about four months away.

By the end of the year, she was the top agent.

“It’s because I live here and I know what I’m selling,” she said of her success. “I still love what I do. I’m always here ready, willing and able to go. I’m a straight shooter and if I can’t do something, I say it. I’m here to serve my clients.”

In 2006, she joined Douglas Elliman, where she still works today. Now, 24 years of real estate later, Coletti’s name is now synonymous with real estate in Long Beach and can be seen all across the city. She’s accomplished many things, including selling the first $1 million condo and the first $2 million house in Long Beach.

She’s also won many awards, including Douglas Elliman’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and she’s the only Long Beach agent to ever receive it. Also, she has been the top agent on Long Island nine times, regarding the number of homes sold, among other awards.

No matter what she’s already done or how many awards she’s won, she has no plans of stopping anytime soon.