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Long Beach attorney calling her own shots

Brittney Borruso runs her one-woman law firm out of Bridgeworks on Long Beach Boulevard.
Brittney Borruso runs her one-woman law firm out of Bridgeworks on Long Beach Boulevard.
Photo by Christina Daly

From the time she began studying law, Long Beach resident Brittney Borruso knew she wanted to be her own boss. After graduating Cardozo Law School in 2013, she “made the leap” and launched Borruso Law in 2015. She was 27.

“My first year out of grad school, I really didn’t care how much money I made,” she said. “I focused on learning as much as I could by shadowing people and making sure my knowledge was really solid.”

The 31-year-old now helps fellow small companies and future homeowners make their own leaps in life. She practices real estate and business law out of the Bridgeworks co-working community — which she joined as soon as it opened in early 2016 — and out-and-about in Long Beach and across Long Island.

“Part of being your own boss is you’re always on the clock,” she says. “Every time you’re out is an opportunity to meet people and make connections.”

Borruso said it was challenging to establish herself in the beginning. She worked out of her apartment in Long Beach and parents’ home in Oceanside for the first year; all the while, meeting as many people as possible, proving herself and gaining the trust and respect of clients.

All that hustle has paid off — in four years, the businesswoman has built an impressive clientele, including Sail Away Coffee Co., New York Cocktail Expo and Isobel Media. She’s also spent her time networking with fellow lawyers and young entrepreneurs. She was one of the first members of the Unicorn Network, a group for young millennial business owners, and is a Long Beach Lawyers Association board member.

Though Borruso belongs to the younger generation of attorneys in Long Beach, “She’s no rookie,” according to City Court Judge Corey Klein. “She’s always demonstrated a keen ability to practice law.”

Judging by testimonials on her website, clients value Borruso for her availability, professionalism and caring spirit.

“It’s a very hands on approach,” Borruso said, noting her practice allows her to be creative and community-oriented, in both attaining clients and offering them solutions.

And she always has her smart phone handy, ready to capture the next exciting moment. Whether it’s a networking event or a client’s achievement, she shares photos on Instagram and Facebook — with client permission, of course.

“I like the ability to be my own boss,” she said. “I can treat my clients the way I want to treat them, make my own name, brand myself and build something lasting in the community.”