Long Beach High School brings Broadway vibes with 'Chicago, Teen Edition'


Long Beach High School’s theatre company presented the musical “Chicago, Teen Edition.” Set in the roaring twenties Chicago, the award-winning musical about fame, fortune and acquittal.

Students presented four performances. The performances were on March 14, 15 and 16.

The show featured 58 cast members, including the featured dance troupe and ensemble, 19 musicians and a backstage crew of 15 students. The production team included Director Jordan Hue, along with Musical Director Michael Capobianco, Pit Orchestra Director/Conductor Leigh Rynecki and Choreographer Christianne Vella.

“This year’s show was different because we had two casts of leads, so it was twice the reason for people to attend more than once,” said Hue. “Each cast brought something unique to the roles and interpretations of these incredible characters. The students really enjoyed working on it!”

The spring production opened with “All That Jazz” followed by various musical numbers including “Funny Honey,” “Mr. Cellophane,” “Roxie,” and “Me and My Baby.” Lead characters, Roxie Hart played by students Sarah Heller and Max Rosenzweig, Velma Kelly played by students Isabella Alley and Megan Meyer, Matron Mama Morton played by students Stephania Robinson and Justin Frangella, Billy Flynn played by students Nate White and Matthew McCaffrey and Amos Hart play by students Joshua Cohen and Nanichi Arroyo-Hill.

“These dedicated and talented students lit up the stage with their energy, leaving the audience wanting more,” said Julia Lang-Shapiro, Long Beach director of Media, Visual and Performing Arts.