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Now, Long Beach has more to Marvel about


Marvel Frozen Dairy, the iconic ice cream shop that has been serving up creamy treats for almost 70 years, has opened a second location in Long Beach, this one on the boardwalk, at National Boulevard.

The brand’s first outlet, on Lido Boulevard, in Lido Beach was established by the Papageorge family in 1951. John Fragioudakis, Marvel’s current owner, purchased the shop in 2013.

“At the time, I thought my family had just bought an ordinary ice cream store,” he said. “ Little did I know the amazing community that came along with it. “There’s nothing I love more than seeing the familiar faces each year and it’s been amazing to get to see so many new ones.”

Sarah Brand, a first time Marvel customer, said that she enjoys Marvel more than its competitors, like Carvel. “I like Marvel better, it’s not as airy, it’s very dense and creamy,” she said.

Howard Kramer, another first time customer, ordered yogurt which he said was indistinguishable from ice cream. “Either it’s regular ice cream or really good yogurt,” he said.

Almor Dayoan, a returning customer, continues to go to Marvel because he feels that the ice cream isn’t processed like other stores. “I feel like it’s a quality ice cream,” he said. “It doesn’t taste like any ordinary ice cream.”

Marvel creates a positive environment for its employees as well as its customers, according to long time Marvel employee Michael Alcivar.

“I began working at Marvel seven years ago. Throughout my time here, it has been filled with nothing but positive learning experiences and have had the chance to meet many great people along the way,” Alcivar said.

The reaction from the community about the new location has been extremely positive, according to Colleen Digney, Marvel’s director of social media. Digney hopes that Marvel will continue to be a valued member of the community for years to come.“All we hope is that we’re able to continue serving our community, and bring a little joy to it,” Digney said.

The brand is open to expanding to more locations in the future, according to Fragioudakis, but not in the near future. “We‘re open to expanding into other areas in New York. However for now, we’re focusing on the two current locations because keeping our community happy is our top priority,” he said.