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The choice is Lavine in the 13th A.D.


In the 13th State Assembly District race, the Herald Gazette endorses incumbent Charles Lavine. For over a decade, Lavine, a Democrat from Glen Cove, has been a tireless advocate for his constituents on the North Shore.

Since he took office in 2004, Lavine has secured funds for public education, roadwork and protection of historic assets in the district, believing, he says, that government’s greatest task is to invest in communities. Most recently, he provided a major grant to the City of Glen Cove to assist in the protection of its wells, which, much to the concern of residents, have been found laced with contaminants.

Lavine is committed to continuing the fight for stricter gun laws in New York state — in particular, securing the passage of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s “red flag” bill in the State Senate. The measure would authorize teachers, school administrators and parents to ask a judge to evaluate a child they believe is a threat to them or other students. He also plans to prevent guns from coming into the state with his Related Use of Lethal or Explosive Devices law, which would help law enforcement officials gather better intelligence on the source of illegal firearms.

Lavine’s challenger, Andrew Monteleone, is making his first run at public office this year, and while we were impressed with his experience as a former Nassau County prosecutor, we believe that he needs more experience in less high-profile elected office before expecting voters to send him to Albany.

Lavine’s experience and clear legislative vision are critical assets, and the Herald Gazette encourages voters to re-elect him on Tuesday.