The Easter Bunny hopped over to Lido Beach


The rain wouldn’t let up, but everyone’s favorite six-foot-tall bunny hopped over to Camp ANCHOR in Lido Beach to deliver Easter Baskets to a group of children with special needs on March 28.

“The Easter Season is one of joy, and there are few events that bring more pleasure to the members of the Hempstead Town Board than watching the young people of the ANCHOR Program who embrace the love and excitement associated with an Easter Egg Hunt,” Town of Hempstead Supervisor Don Clavin said in a release. “I want to thank the people of Peter’s Clam Bar and Butch Yamali for sponsoring this event and bringing basketfuls of fun to some very special children.”

A special Easter Egg Hunt was also presented, with the Easter Bunny joining Clavin, Deputy Supervisor Dorothy Goosby, Councilmen Dennis Dunne, Tom Muscarella, and Chris Carini, Councilwomen Missy Miller and Laura Ryder, as well as Town Clerk Kate Murray and Receiver of Taxes Jeanine Driscoll. The Easter Egg Hunt and gift basket distribution was sponsored by Peter’s Clam Bar of Island Park and its president and owner, Butch Yamali.

“Being the mother of a child who has serious medical challenges, I take special pride in the fact that Hempstead Town offers this program and so many other activities to people with a range of challenges,” Miller said.

“It fills my heart with joy to help bring these Easter activities and the very spirit of the Easter season to the ANCHOR Program,” Carini added. 

During the hunt, children scrambled to pick up brightly colored eggs, filled with candy and toys, which were scattered around the camp’s turf playing field. Additionally, each child had the chance sit with the bunny for a photo, and receive an Easter basket filled with gifts and goodies. The entire recreation room at ANCHOR was decorated for the holiday.

“There is nothing quite as rewarding as watching young people celebrating life,” Yamali said. “I am delighted that I could be a part of this program, and Peter’s Clam Bar is committed to giving back to the community to make this the best Easter ever for children with special needs.”

“I am delighted to be part of the Easter Egg Hunt for a great group of young people,” said Dunne. “The Easter Bunny visit to the ANCHOR Program is an important part of the Easter experience for some very special young people, and I am proud that we are able to offer this fun-filled activity,” added Muscarella.

The ANCHOR Program is Hempstead Town’s life-enhancing program for children with special needs, including physical and mental challenges. The program answers the needs of children in areas such as socialization, recreation, and education. Both year-round activities at the ANCHOR building in Lido Beach and the heralded summer camp are part of an enriching program for a large group of very special young people.

“The Easter season is one of new beginnings, and the Easter Egg Hunt for a group of special young people is the right way to celebrate this time of year,” Ryder said.

“Happy Easter to the children who are part of Camp ANCHOR and to all of the members of Hempstead Town’s beautiful and diverse family as we celebrate this joyous holiday,” concluded Clavin.  “Thanks again to the people at Peter’s Clam Bar for putting together a ‘bunny-riffic’ holiday event.”