This new poetry festival is coming to Schoolhouse Green


The Schoolhouse Green in Oceanside will host The Word: A Festival of the Spoken and Written Word Celebrating All Voices on Oct. 14.

For longtime Long Beach resident, Paula Curci, The Word is the latest in a series of works that serve Long Island’s literary life. Curci is deeply involved in the literary scene. For nearly 20 years, she’s been behind ‘Calliope’s Corner’ on 88.7FM Radio Hofstra University.

She also co-hosts the monthly open mics at Long Beach Public Library, ‘It’s a Shore Thing’, and writes as a poet correspondent for The Scene, a Long Island zine. Her notable works include chapbooks such as ‘One Woman’s Cathartic Release in Poetry’ and audio albums with Acoustic Poets Network. Curci’s writings can also be found in anthologies, including LunaSea Press’ ‘Hysteria’ and the online magazine, ‘Poetrybay’.”

“The mission of this unique festival is to celebrate, inspire, and entertain, bringing together established and fledgling poets, artists, performers, and educators with everyone who loves to read, write, and create,” Curci said. “This will be a pan-generational, multi-cultural full day of rejoicing in the glow of our Long Island talent, and I am so proud that we are doing this in Nassau County, in Oceanside.”

At the day-long festival, attendees can visit the different stages to enjoy features like ‘Celebrating All Voices’ by Rita M. Monte, the international radio host from Profumi D’Italia, on WHPC Nassau Community College. There are also opportunities to participate in short writing workshops, join meetups, share words at an open mic, or watch live art demos.

Highlighted artists at the event include William J. McGee, Long Beach local, consumer champion, travel writer, and author. McGee will lead a discussion on newspaper and magazine writing at 2 p.m. Dr. Linda Michelle Barron, the Poet Laureate of Hempstead and CUNY York educator will be spotlighted at the poet’s laureate marathon reading at 12 p.m., alongside notable peers from Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk. Alan Semerdjian, an award-winning writer from New Hyde Park, will blend music and poetry in a special performance at 4 p.m.

“I’d been hoping to develop an event like The Word- A Festival of the Spoken and Written Word for years and now, after a generous grant application came to fruition — and with the help of numerous talented, hard-working volunteers — it’s really happening!” Curci said. “I am calling out all the word dancers; let’s have fun and celebrate our voices together!”

The event on Oct. 14 will be held at 65 Foxhurst Rd., Oceanside, NY, between 10 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. The rain date is set to be Oct. 15.