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Re-elect Miller in the 20th Assembly District


For the past four years, District 20 Assemblywoman Melissa “Missy” Miller, a Republican, has been in the minority party in the State Assembly, but that hasn’t stopped her from working across the political aisle with her colleagues in Albany.

When she was first elected in 2016, Miller’s campaign platform was simple: She wanted to make a difference for her community, and we believe she has done just that in her time in Albany. She had no background in politics, but has become an effective politician by working with Democrats on co-sponsoring bills — and, more specifically, by advocating for the disabled community.

The parent of a special-needs child, Miller said she has had to figure out how to carry on in life despite almost overwhelming obstacles. We believe that her life experiences make her a valuable member of the Assembly, because she knows how to draw effective attention to an issue and has learned well that working together is essential to good governing.

Miller maintains that the state government could benefit from more transparency and more public hearings, especially for any project that uses taxpayer money, and we agree. She also said she believes in term limits, and that a maximum of three four-year terms would help nurture fresh perspectives in the State Legislature.

Democrat Gregory Marks, a public health lecturer, is Miller’s challenger and a strong candidate. He had interesting ideas on how to help businesses that are struggling amid the coronavirus pandemic, such as a sales tax holiday to stimulate spending, and setting up seminars in which leaders of Long Island’s most successful and resilient businesses could share how they have been able to navigate the crisis. We encourage Marks to stay involved in the political arena.

Miller noted that voters should choose the candidate who can do the best job of listening to the voices and meeting the needs of the community, regardless of the party he or she represents. We agree, and based on that simple criterion, we believe she has earned another two years in Albany. We encourage the voters of the 20th District to re-elect Miller.