First-ever Dino Renaissance Faire at Center for Science, Teaching and Learning


The Center for Science, Teaching and Learning in Lakeview’s Tanglewood Preserve continues to be at the forefront of providing new and innovative ways to provide new and exciting educational experiences for guests, but their latest endeavor is truly breaking new ground — transforming their animatronic dinosaur exhibit into a Medieval times attraction.

During spring break, the Center hosted the Dinosaur Renaissance Faire, a week-long event that combined the fascination of prehistoric creatures with the allure of knights, castles and kingdoms. The fusion of these two seemingly disparate themes resulted in an immersive experience that captivated visitors of all ages.

One of the highlights of the event was the live puppet show, where attendees were both entertained and educated about the similarities and differences between mythical creatures such as dragons and the dinosaurs that once roamed the Earth. This creative approach to learning allowed guest to delve into both the scientific and fantastical realms, sparking guests’ curiosity and imagination.

In addition to the puppet show, the Renaissance Faire featured a presentation by the Center’s resident “sorcerer,” who hosted an alchemy presentation showcasing fun and educational chemistry experiments. This hands-on experience provided guests with a deeper understanding of scientific principles while also adding an element of magic and wonder.

Interactive games were also a major draw at the Dinosaur Renaissance Faire, with activities ranging from catapults and dunking dragons to arts and crafts projects where young royalty could personalize their own crowns and create their own mythical creatures.

Dr. Ray Ann Havasy, the CSTL executive director, emphasized the importance of providing families with a unique and educational experience during spring break.

“As a leader in STEM education, The Center for Science is always developing new opportunities for children to learn and stay engaged while they are off from school,” Havasy said. “Our latest Dino Renaissance Faire provides children and families with a never-before-seen experience where dinosaurs and mythical creatures come together. Our weeklong family event has fun and educational activities for people of all ages.

By bringing together dinosaurs and mythical creatures into a single event, the CSTL offered children and families something totally unique. The transformation of the exhibit into a medieval times attraction was a groundbreaking approach at museum programming. Through a combination of live performances, educational presentations and interactive games, the Dinosaur Renaissance Faire provided guests with a one-of-a-kind experience that combined the prehistoric with the Middle Ages, leaving guests with a lasting impression.