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West Hempstead schools collaborates with North Carolina educators


The West Hempstead School District welcomed Molloy College professors Dr. Andrea Honigsfeld and Dr. Maria Dove along with a group of educators from the Wake County Public School System in North Carolina on May 23. The visit provided the educators with an opportunity to observe a co-teaching classroom at Cornwell Avenue School.

Hosted by Cornwell Avenue Principal Deanna Sinito, Chestnut Street School Principal and English as a New Language Director Faith Tripp and Assistant Superintendent Dina Reilly, Honigsfeld, Dove and the Wake County educators observed a second grade class. Teachers Gina Silecchia and Jennifer Corrado demonstrated a lesson on Memorial Day through station teaching as students described the reasons of celebrating the holiday.

Station teaching is an example and efficient way of teachers working with smaller groups to complete tasks. Both educators hold equally important roles in order to create an inclusive classroom. The two teachers share the responsibilities of planning, instructing and assessing their students.

Honigsfeld and Dove helped to create the partnership between West Hempstead and Wake County as they continue their research focused on co-teaching, teacher collaboration and ENL strategies. The district has been featured by the two professors and authors in recent publications such as “Co-Teaching for English Learners” and “Collaborating for English Learners.”

Compiled by Nakeem Grant